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Qwop 2

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qwopsTrack and Field sports games are uncommon but this game offers a unique and entertaining physics based Track and Field experience. If you enjoyed playing QWOP then you will surely enjoy playing this new edition of the game. QWOP 2 is essentially the multiplayer version of QWOP, which allows two players to compete as if they are truly racing against each other. In QWOP 2 you play as an Olympian runner named QWOP. The objective of the game is to run as far as you can as you keep your character in balance while running against your opponent in an Olympic race. QWOP 2 can be challenging because in order to make your character run you must learn out how to control the thighs and calves of both of your characters' legs which must be coordinated correctly otherwise you will be flopping around all over the place and not run very far. Although it is comical to watch the ragdoll effect as your character crashes, timing is the key to success. You may have to make several attempts but as you find the balance between the controls of "W" and "O" to move the left leg, and "Q" and "P" to move the right leg, then you will be running like an Olympian in no time! Each time you crash the game tracks how far your character ran in meters so you may see your progress as you figure out the physics of your character and run further and further. If you like to have fun and compete with friends while doing so then QWOP 2 would be a great choice. QWOP 2 can be challenging at first but with practice it can provide a very entertaining and rewarding multiplayer experience. Suitable for all ages, you are sure to enjoy the challenging experience of this game and the hilarious ragdoll effect.

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